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Joint Afghan-NATO commission to investigate torture, killing allegations

A big question mark

A joint commission of Afghan and NATO officials will investigate over the coming weeks, claims announced by Afghan President Hamid Karzai that U.S. Special Forces were somehow involved in the torture and killing of villagers in Maidan Wardak Province (Post).

The Times' Matthew Rosenberg reports Tuesday that a day after President Karzai ordered all U.S. Special Forces out of Maidan Wardak Province, few details had emerged about who was being accused of the abuse, which units they worked for, or where the evidence came from (NYT). What was clear, however, was that President Karzai can and will assert his power in determining NATO's role in country during the withdrawal period over the next two years.

Widespread attacks

A car bomb exploded at a paramilitary camp in Khyber Agency near the border with Afghanistan on Monday, killing one member of the Pakistani security forces and wounding five others (CNN). Also on Monday, a bomb blast at a Sufi shrine in central Sindh Province on Monday killed three people and wounded several others (Dawn). And on Tuesday, gunmen shot and killed a police officer escorting a group of polio workers who are part of a U.N.-backed vaccination campaign in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (AP, AFP). None of the health workers were injured.

Indian authorities said Monday that they had arrested 35-year-old Indian national Sumaar Khan on suspicion of spying for Pakistan by passing details of military exercises held by the Indian Air Force on Friday (AFP, BBC, The Hindu). 

100 kisses?

Ever-controversial Pakistani actress Veena Malik is setting out on Tuesday - her birthday - to set a Guinness World Record for being kissed (by contestants on a reality TV show) over 100 times in one minute (ET). One wonders whether a danger lies in the contestants ruining the whole thing to try to sneak an extra tenth of a second, though!

-- Jennifer Rowland



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